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Commencement Programs

Commencement Programs​

No Commencement Program was available for Southeast's first graduating class,

so the 1939 seniors are listed as they appear in the 1939 Crusader.

Below that, the Commencement Programs for each decade are displayed as a group.

Click on the right arrows to scroll through the covers and lists of graduates for each year.

Our collection includes Commencement Programs up to 1986.  Beyond that, our collection is incomplete.  If you have originals or copies of the programs that are missing, please send them to the alumni association at the following address:

Southeast High School Alumni Association, PO Box 7043, Kansas City, Missouri 64113   

1940 Com​mencement Program Cover

1950 Com​mencement Program Cover

1960 Commencement Program Cover

1970 Commencement Program Cover

1980 Commencement Program Cover

1990 Commencement Program Cover

2002 Commencement Program

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