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Class Shields & Crusaders

Class Shields and Crusaders

Each Southeast graduating class created a shield representing highlights from that year.  For decades, these shields were displayed on the walls of the auditorium. We are proud to have most class shields and copies of Crusader yearbooks as part of the alumni association's collection. Images of the shields and Crusader covers for each class are displayed below.

Scroll down to select one of the seven decades from Southeast's history. Then, click on the right and left arrows to page through the images for individual classes.

For those wishing to browse individual Crusaders on your home computer, the Kansas City Library has digitized copies of many Crusaders.  Go to, and click on KCHistory under the Resources|Research tab.  Select Digital Collections, and scroll down to Yearbooks.


Class of 1939

Class of 1950​

Class of 1960​

Class of 1970​

Class of 1980

Class of 1990

Class of 2000

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